See Mercy Johnson And Husband As They Read The Bible And Pray


Mercy Johnson and her husband are seen reading the bible and praying as they woke up from sleep in the morning. This is a good example of a God fearing family!

She later wrote:

Even when my siblings and I grumbled to be left alone to sleep some more, mum wouldn& #39;t let us be. "GET UP FOR MORNING DEVOTION!" You prove stubborn, she shouts at you, accompanied with a hot yab which would stay stuck on you like a bad odour all through the day. Whenever we couldn& #39;t meet up, NIGHT DEVOTION it is. . *Now, imagine me being married to a man who sees nothing wrong in bolting from the bed to the bathroom in the morning without a minute to spare for morning fellowship. *Imagine me being married to a man who doesn& #39;t know where the book of Philemon is in the Bible. *Imagine me having to explain to & #39;a husband& #39; the need for my attending midweek and Sunday services. *Think about me being married to a man who bursts out laughing whenever I pray in tongues. Awkward right? "Can two walk together unless they agree?" MARRY YOUR KIND. @mercyjohnsonokojie and to everyother couple fighting the good fight of faith, thanks for inspiring us. @onyeka thanks for write up #marryyourkind #mercyjohnsonokojie #mzcreaminesssayso #couples #couplesthatlift