Fan Sues Justin Bieber After Hot Punch, Rita Ora Defends The Canadian Pop Star


22-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber has been sued by a fan that he punched and left with bloodied lips. The victim is 18-year-old Kevin Ramirez who has stated in a radio interview with journalist Julia Otero that he was disappointed with the pop star. He also said that his lawyers have taken up the issue and are suing Bieber for his cowardly acts.

Kelvin also revealed that he and his friends who went to watch the concert gave up their tickets and went home after the punch by Bieber. However, the Canadian star was not perturbed as he took the stage that night in Barcelona and afterwards in Madrid.

TMZ reports that the singer was being driven to the Palau Sant Jordi venue in Barcelona on Tuesday evening when a fan stuck his hand through the open window of the moving car attempting to touch Bieber’s chest and face. Bieber responded by punching the boy in the face

In defense of Bieber, Rita Ora noted: “I’m not speaking for anybody, but knowing him and his incredible background, I know how it feels to be uncomfortable and scared, I feel like anyone who had a hand in their face is going to protect themselves.”

Ora added that there are definitely moments where fans cross over the boundary of it becoming almost scary.